PT. Pertamina Retail (hereinafter the company) is a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) engaged in the retail business of Pertamina products. The company was founded on June 17th, 1997, and originally named PT Pertajaya Lubrindo which engaged in the Lubricants business. On September 1st 2005, the company changed its name to PT Pertamina Retail. This change aims to confront changes markets especially GAS STATION in Indonesia towards a free-market world.Counted since March 2006, the company began to manage and operates GAS STATION.



PT. Pertamina Retail is constantly working to achieve the long-term plan that aims to become a global fine retailer which giving the value of the diversified retailing fuel and non-fuel through a fully integrated products and services.In 2013, the initiation of new businesses, the inaugural new partnership and a synergy between the sales results of the business units with customersof PT Pertamina Retail has boost in contributing sustainable advantages and continue to grow.In the future, PT. Pertamina Retail will optimize and continue to develop the infrastructure and assets owned in order to maintain a competitive advantage to be a company that contributes more to the parent company and the State, and still continues to maintain its commitment as a company that respects the professionalism, accountability and suitability also customer satisfaction.