The Product packaging of Pertamina (Persero) marketed through GAS STATION COCO, Pertamina Lubricants marketed through GAS STATION COCO,Bright Oil Mart, or Bright Store.The product of Pertamina Lubricants sold in 10 liters of .5 Liter, 4 Liter, 1 Liter and half a Litre, LPG FILLING STATION provided at COCO LPG 3 Kg and 12 Kg, Pertamina Dex Packaging 10 liters and refill, also Kerosene 5 litres.

Is a Light Business Service Station of PT. PertaminaRetail. The Location of this mart are in GAS STATIONS COCO Batam, GAS STATIONS COCO Kenten Palembang, GAS STATIONS COCO Ujung Berung Bandung, GAS STATION COCO Ahmad Yani Semarang, GAS STATION COCO Sultan Agung Semarang, GAS STATION COCO Industri Jakarta, GAS STATION COCO Daan Mogot Jakarta, GAS STATION COCO Abdul Muis Jakarta.

NFR Business development of PT. Pertamina Retail as a Traders of Car Wash equipment and supplies that support Pertamina (Persero) program to Go Green by using ' Bio Shampoo ' and systems ' water treatment ' re-useable as a paradigms shapes as One stop services in GAS STATION COCO.