Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

PT. Pertamina Retail running its business activities considered the environmental and social aspects, whereas all operating and product policies have no adverse impact to environment and the community. CSR/TJSL PT. Pertamina Retail is a form of corporate responsibility to the impacts caused by policies and activities to the community and the environment through transparent and ethical behavior. In the implementation of the business activities, the management of PT. Pertamina Retail CSR policy/TJSL as follows :

  • Consider the expectations of all stakeholders related to the product and the environment around the GAS STATION run by the company.
  • Committed to contribute a constructive benefit to society and environment.
  • Apply TJSL policies in the company's business implementation on an ongoing basis.
  • Build social interaction and communication with the public in a location where the unit of the company's operations are located.

In terms of integrating the program into corporate business activities TJSL program, then PT. Pertamina Retail is committed to :

  • Overcoming the negative effects of the operation of the company through regulatory compliance as well as create new value to society and the environment.
  • Provide social benefits, economic and environment to the community especially around the area of operation of the company.
  • Increase the company's reputation, efficiency, business growth and implement mitigating business risks.