PT. Pertamina Retail along with the management and employees are committed to manage safety, health and protect working environment as well as the quality in each work area. It aims to challenge the changes of markets particularly the GAS STATION/SPBG, Bright Store/Cafe and Non Fuel Retail on our country toward the free market.



Statement: "Pertamina Retail committed to maintain the health of itsemployee. Because the company realized that employee health is a very important aspect in work. Therefore, Pertamina Retailmade a few programs to support the health of its employees.".




  1. Minimize Occupational Diseases.
  2. Creating a healthy working environment and support the health of the employee optimally.





Statement: "Pertamina Retail is committed to maintain the safety of employee and business partners from injury and minimize the risks that arise in the workplace without reducing the quality of the products and services of the company. Pertamina Retail realized that the safety aspect is very important in retail business particularly GAS STATIONS/SPBG, Bright Store/Cafe and Non Fuel Retailers."




  1. Zero Accident.
  2. Protect the company assets.
  3. Minimize accident factors in work.




Statement: "Aspects of the environment became an important role in the company operations specially in managing the GAS STATION/SPBG, Bright Store/Cafe and Non – Fuel Retail. Pertamina Retail is committed creating operation unit without hazardous waste and a friendly environment and tried to reduce the emissions on the environment and use energy efficiently".



  1. No environmental pollution and oil spills.
  2. No hazardous waste and toxic.Committed in reducing emissions to the environment.
  3. Committed in energy consumption.