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Take Over GAS STATION (KSO) Malang 54.651.22

The network increasing of PT. Pertamina Retail FUEL STATION chain in 2013- with the arrival of GAS STATION 54.651.22 JL. Julius Usman No. 27 Village Kasin Klojen, District of Malang (owner Mr. Boiler Senses Tjahja) cooperate (KSO) with PT Pertamina Retail. It was performed on Monday, April 1, 2013 06.00 GMT represented by Operating Functions PT. Pertamina Retail and witnessed by Ibu Arlina as SR Malang PT Pertamina (Persero). Mechanism of KSO is rent for 5 (five) years. The KSO GAS STATIONS sell variant fuel (Premium, Bio diesel and Pertamax) with an average sales/day 23 KL of potentially up to 29 KL with the addition of a Marketing program for potential cialis coupons Corporates customers because of the strategic location of the GAS STATION in the middle of the city. KSO GAS STATION current facility on-site wind nitrogen, olimart, toilets and a small mosque. Grading “Pasti Pas Silver" with a margin of Rp 205/litre and there are potential business development NFR since it has free space which can be used to Bright and the Tenant.