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The activities of Daurah PT. Pertamina Retail Kampung Bulu, Setia Mekar, Tambun

Bekasi--as many as 68 orphans who inhabit the surroundings around the GAS STATION COCO 31.175.06 Kampong Bulu, Setia Mekar, Tambun, Bekasijoining the Daurah activity held at Masjid Nurul Salam, Kampung Bulu. This Program is an activity organized by The Islamic propagation PT Pertamina Retail in providing compensation to orphans. This opportunity is also PT Pertamina Retail provides assistance for the construction of the Masjid Nurul Salam. This assistance is a form of social responsibility in the area of PT Pertamina Retail and societal environment. The Daurah was carried out on Wednesday (14/05). The opening event was attended by Director of finance PT Pertamina Retail as well as the “Badan Dakwah Islam” coordinator, Narendra Widjajanto, Corporate Secretary M. Ivan Asmara, and representatives from the Islamic propagation Agency Team of PT Pertamina Retail, as well as h. Mashuri speaker construction of Mosque Nurul Salam, also residents of the neighborhood Mosque Nurul Salam. Program Daurah plannedto be regular agenda implemented gradually across the GAS STATION operate by PT Pertamina Retail, "said Narendra. Meanwhile h. Mashuri says, "we are thankful, very grateful, happy, and glad for the donation given by PT Pertamina Retail, because this help is very helpful to development of Mosque, now with the number of worshipers during Friday prayers at the time of Prayers and the feast is already quite a lot, so it is possible to have occupation up to the courtyard of the Mosque, we as residents hope a program is implemented can be sustainable, "he said.