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Posyandu Reliably in Ring 1 Pertamina Retail

Jakarta – located in Central Hospital of Pertamina (RSPP), PT Pertamina Retail in cooperation with PT Pertamina Bina Medika roll out programs of training and Upskilling cadre of Posyandu, over two days, May 6-7. This event involves the 30 invitations that is representative of the Board of posyandu around areas of Retail GAS STATIONS operating or Pertamina. Corporate Secretary of Pertamina's Retail, M Ivan Asmara revealed that the program was held for the second time is expected to be able to provide benefits to the community, especially mothers in terms of maternal and child health. "This Program is expected to be able to give a positive impact in terms of maternal and child health. Hopefully can add to knowledge, and insights, so can be practiced properly,"said Ivan M Asmara in his speech on the first day of training, Tuesday, (6/5). Align with it representatives of the Board of Directors of Pertamedika, Dr. Liana Envoy said that this was expected to be more optimal by increasing the power of health. It recalls the mothers that the spearhead in term of their children health. It is said that this time the training participants were given material shape is not only physical, but also the extension as well as direct practice. The participants were also given a practice field for free. The first day, sat to get material from several mentors such as Dr. Ihsan Wardawati, who viewed a matter of "health on pregnant women," there's also a wonderful Midwife who practice the various techniques of massage in infants, as well as exclusive breast milk. For the problem of nutrition, midwives, Lenny and Lis, comes with the material making bubu the milk. One of the participants, Latifa's mother, claims to be very enthusiastic with this training, what's her middle of Posyandu on governance initiated its territory, namely the Posyandu Taman royal, Miri, which he was only 3 months old. "I first join the cadre recruitment like this, I am very interest, because I feel should be telibat as RW. Moreover, many of the constraints that we faced in our posyandu, good facilities as well as experience, "says Latifa.