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Pertamina Retail Do Fogging in Bidara Cina

Pertamina Retail Do Fogging in Bidara Cina in order of social responsibility environment, it is for prevention of dengue in the region around GAS STATION COCO Otista 31.133.01. In the Bidaracina Village environmentalists RW 09 Subdistrict, Jatinegara, on Wednesday-Friday (23-25/4). The official closure activities fogging is done Fridays (25/4) then in the post RW 09 Village Bidaracina. Attending the event Head Bidaracina Nasrudin, Pertamina Finance Director Narendra Widjajanto, Retail and financial Director of Pertamina Bina Medika Desandri, Vice Chairman of the RW 09 m. Rizal, along with the ranks of administrators a RT in RW 09 ex. Bidaracina. Nasrudin to Energia Weekly and Pertamina TV admitted that in March 2014, threat level DBD in Kelurahan of Bidaracina including the tallest in East Jakarta. "With this, hopefully the fogging can suppress levels of DBD in Bidaracina," said Nasrudin. Narendra said he chose Bidaracina as his level of DBD in DKI Jakarta. So that Pertamina Retail feel compelled to do the spraying. "All CSR activities Pertamina Retail, we are doing around the neighborhood GAS STATION. So we strive so that is really beneficial to the community. This corresponds to the purpose of Pertamina to be close to the community. While Desandri said that Pertamedika through RSPJ participated in fogging in ex. This Bidaracina. "Hopefully the synergy of Pertamina Retail and Pertamedika this can provide benefits to the surrounding communities," he said. The closing also ends with fogging in 2 RT on RW 09 Bidaracina. So the 14 RT in RW 09 get fogging everything. From Narendra also noted that in addition to Bidaracina, fogging is also done in Cakung district. (Urip/photos by Kuntoro).