Our Employees

The company realized that the competent superior human resource (HR) is one of the main assets of the company. In the absence of reliable and loyal HUMAN RESOURCES, operational activities and the company growth will not achieve maximum results.


As a retail Company with focus on product sales of fuel and Non-Fuel, as Indonesia's leading Companies,its feel obliged to continuously develop and improve the quality of its human resources in order to be always aligned with the vision, mission and corporate values of the company through HR needs and process planning system of selective recruitment, as well as regularly carry out training and Development Program, either on its own or done internally, otherwise through a variety of training institutions.


In the development of its business, the company needs to conduct assessment capabilities and manpower with reference to the needs of the Organization, which is reflected in the RJPP/RKAP and strategic plans based on those needs., the company ensures the needs of employee in each functions tailored to the needs of the time, amount, position and included in it, the criteria or the position or the amount of capacity and the company's needs effectively and efficiently.