Is the fuel type distillate in yellowish clear. The yellow color is due to the extra dye substances (dye). The use of premium in General is for fuel petrol-engined vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, outboard motors and others. This fuel regularly referred to as motor gasoline or petrol.

Is motor gasoline without lead additives complete content in cutting-edge generation that will clean the Intake Valve Port Fuel Injectors and combustion chamber of carbon deposits and has a Research Octane Number (RON) 92. Pertamax is an environmentally friendly fuel (unleaded) and high-octane. The new Formula made from high quality source of materials to ensure your motor vehicle engine work better, more energetic, "knock free", low emissions, and allows you to save on fuel. This fuel is recommended for vehicles produced in 1990, especially which already used technology of electronic fuel injection and catalytic converters.

A modern diesel engine fuel that has been met and reached an exhaust emission standard EURO 2, has a number of high-performance with cetane number more than 53 (HSD has a cetane number of 45), have a high quality with sulphur content below 300 ppm, recommended for diesel engines with newest technology (Diesel Common Rail System), so that the fuel will be more efficient and economical as well as generate a greater power.

Is the fuel mixture for diesel engine which consists of biological non-fossil oil (bio fuel) – by 5 (five) per cent of palm oil or CPO (Crude Palm Oil) which had been formed into Fatty acids Methyl Ester (FAME) and 95 percent pure subsidized diesel fuel. This fuel will gradually reduce the role of solar itself.

Pertamax Racing as a racing fuel are able to produce power and high torque without incurring detonation, so the vehicle will more responsive and stable performance, and also high resilience. This product is a high grade fuel quality that environment friendly (non bio ethanol contains lead/TEL) and specially formulated for racing vehicles and other modern vehicles that have a high compression engine over 10: 1 so it is safe for the engine, do not cause emissions that endanger the health of mechanics, drivers and spectators racing event. Pertamax Racing through its outlets currently sold Rp35,000per litre.The price of Pertamax Racing is changingalign with the market price of world oil. Beside in direct agent and GAS STATION, Pertamax Racing can also purchase thru Contact Pertamina at 500 000. Pertamina already sold the Pertamax Racing in a package of 20 liter since December 2010 with the distribution on the island of Java and Sumatra. In JABODETABEK as the first target market, fuel with a minimum RON of 100 now provided through the dispenser in two outlet GAS STATIONS, GAS STATIONS COCO 31.129.02 at Kuningan and GAS STATION  COCO 31.122.40 Pertamax Series at Pondok Indah. However, the form of the Pack contains 20 litre already distributed in 53 COCO GAS STATIONS in Jakarta, Central Java, and East Java, as well as 14 GAS STATION COCO which can serve purchase Pertamax Racing in Sumatra.