Vision, Mission dan Values

Vission  :


Becomeing the leading retail company.




  • Manageing and developing Pertamina outlet retail in integration, professional and profitable.
  • Improving Pertamina's image through quality assurance products and first-rate service.
  • Becoming a role-model in fueling ad gas station business management.
  • Expanding network in regional markets.


Corporate Values

Pertamina Retail hold operational values that serve as a reference in day-to-day work. and hold six corpotare values, abbreviated as 6C. These values are ingrained in the mind of all staff and management of the company and serve as guidelines that must be applied in any situation and condition.


  • Integrity : Coherence throughmind and deed .
  • Safety : Highly-Committed towards safety in work environment.
  • Best Customer Experience : Consistently provides the best experience to costumers.
  • Passion For Excellence : Strong determination to perform thebest.
  • Profit Oriented : Focus on improving the company's finances.